Monday, 12 January 2015

Book Cover Design and Concept

The book cover was designed and created by myself.   Prior to writing the novel, I'd planned to hire a graphic artist and had a rough idea of what I wanted for the cover.   As time went on, and without the means to actually pay someone to design and execute the graphic artwork, I decided to do it myself.

I'd tinkered around on Photoshop for years, so had some idea how things worked, but when it came to creating a professional book cover, I realised that I had to up the ante, so took myself off to You Tube and watched  hours and hours of PS tutorials until I was good enough to produce the artwork that I needed.   I did this with the invaluable resources found at Deviant Art  and before long I also acquired work doing other people's book covers.  Dark Heart

After many drafts, dozens of layers and configurations I came up with the cover you see now.   The fields of Gettysburg, the three lightning orbs that open the time portal,  the image of Lewis Powell, and the russet haired heroine, Leigh, kneeling beneath the onslaught of the storm around her.

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