Saturday, 10 January 2015

"I saw good and evil on the battlefield, kindness and cruelty, dark and light. Before the war, I didn’t know just how much darkness there was."
Lewis Powell, The Open Doorway.

God, I wish I were a man. What a shit time to come through as a woman!
Leigh Boswell. The Open Doorway.

‘But sometimes… oh, sometimes they come into our lives to hand us somethin’ no one else can. Sometimes… they come into our lives to give us a lil’ magic.’
Minnie Chandler - The Open Doorway.

"The twin soul ain’t here just to make us happy, it here to teach us somethin’. And sometimes, that teachin’ so hard and painful, only our soul mate can hurt us enough to drive the lesson home. It ain’t always about what we want. Sometimes, it’s about what we need."
Minnie Chandler - The Open Doorway.

‘All you’ll do is make a martyr of him and drag yourself and your conspirators to their deaths. Your cause is lost, and your Government clutches at straws. Accept this war is over. You won’t be anybody’s hero!’ 
Leigh Boswell - The Open Doorway

‘I’ve danced at Abraham Lincoln’s birthday bash... I’ve peaked.’
Leigh Boswell - The Open Doorway.

‘Miss Leigh, you best leave well alone. No lady goes chargin’ up to strange gentlemen in the way you doin’. It ain’t fittin’ and could land us both in a heap of trouble. Holy Jebus, she ain’t listenin’ to me!’
Minnie Chandler - The Open Doorway

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