Monday, 12 January 2015

There are many people to thank for the genesis and creation of this novel.  

Betty Ownsbey - Author and historian and official biographer of Lewis Thornton Powell, and with whom I became very good friends over the course of the two years it took me to research The Open Doorway.   Her generosity and endless knowledge steered me safely through the turbulence of American Civil War life and times, and the life of Powell, correcting me on Victorian manners and etiquette, clothing and expressions.   I'm eternally grateful to her for sharing all her research and information with me.  Biography of Lewis Powell

Barry Cauchon and John Elliot - who very kindly helped me with vital information about the final hours of the conspirators  from cell dimensions to scaffold facts, and all that I needed to know about the Old Arsenal Penitentiary.

To Roger Norton and his wonderfully informative Civil War discussion forum, the Lincoln  Discussion Symposium.

Dave Taylor at Boothiebarn for so much information on his wonderful site.

To my partner, Steve, who gave me the ending to the novel, many ideas and constructive criticism and put up with me writing non-stop for hours amid rants and much perjorative on the anguish and traumas of writing, proofreading and editing.

To Olive, my dear friend, who took the time and trouble to print off and proof read my first draft.

To Jenny and Joan, for believing and helping me with special research.

To my daughter for encouragement and love.

To my  mother, Josephine Marina, for getting me onto the planet in the first place.  This book is dedicated to her.

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