Thursday, 29 October 2015

Reviews for The Open Doorway.

By J. Anderson on 7 April 2015
Format: Paperback
This poignant love story is set against the dramatic backdrop of the American Civil War and the Lincoln Assassination. Madeleine Mitchell very skilfully connects historical facts with fiction and created a fascinating story that really grabbed me. I found that all the historical facts were exceptionally well researched and brilliantly linked with the story of a young woman that visits the battle fields of the American Civil War in her present life and because of an electric storm is taken back to the year 1863 where she is found by the confederate soldier Lewis Powell. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can only highly recommend it.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful By Jennifer Bennett on 19 May 2015
Format: Paperback
A thoroughly good read on so many levels. destiny seems to draw the heroine into the heart of the American civil war. The author gives a vivid account of the horrors of the battlefield hospital, nursing troops on both sides where she meets the enigmatic Lewis Powell. This novel brings the historical characters involved in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the conflict between the north and south to life. I not only enjoyed the fast paced and exciting tale, I was fascinated by the history and circumstances surrounding the assassination.

Format: Paperback
Wonderfully researched with detailed historical research and accuracy. Ms. Mitchell gives us well defined characterizations who live on long after the novel is done. This is history with a punch! Very well written!

on March 26, 2015
Great story, I couldn't quit reading it once I started. Hope to read more by this author and as another reviewer stated, I hope there is a sequel!

on February 20, 2015
Such a wonderful love story! I hope there is a sequel!!!!

on June 5, 2015
A good read as a story, great character development although some characters should have been fleshed out more to maximize on her great talent and to maximize an already wonderfully crafted tale. This story is enjoyable on many levels from depth through characters to the tale itself. I do love a 'what if' story that looks behind the headlines. :-)

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