Friday, 19 February 2016

When you publish a book, this creative baby that takes up so much of your time, heart and soul, it's always a  bit daunting reading the reviews.   So far, my reviews for The Open Doorway have all been positive with some great constructive criticism that I've taken on board.     One issue raised was my use of British English, as opposed to American English, an editorial matter I'd pondered in the making of the book.  I was like, should I or shouldn't I?    But I'm British, and my voice is British, so I decided to stick with that even though I realised that my American readers might find that distracting.

I've been asked continually why I chose American history as my subject.  My answer is why not?   My daughter wants me to write a dark horror story involving vampires.   I'm considering this.  Based around the dark satanic mills of Northern England?  Why not?

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