Tuesday, 14 November 2017

After the death of our beloved dog, Nico, we spent a year trying to get over it, swearing we'd never put ourselves through that kind of devastating loss again.   But, only a dog lover can truly understand the emptiness this leaves...not just in your heart but in the home.   So, last January, we fell in love all over again with Loki, named for the Norse God of Mischief.  And a ball of mischief he certainly is.  We were first introduced when he was four weeks old.   Choosing the right dog for us from a litter of nine was no easy task, so I asked for a sign.

Hoping for something angelic pretty much summed up what we were about to get.   My sign ended up being Loki peeing down my arm.   That pretty much set the tone, and he's been a bundle of high jinks ever since.   He's ten months old now, but still running round the bedroom at ungodly hours with stolen pieces of underwear!

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